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OSUKO is the most versatile shooting training systems Dealer in Finland.


OSUKO offers equipment for accurate shooting training and products for shooting entertainment. Our main goal is to offer safe, interactive, accurate and entertaining shooting equipment and training products such as

- ACCURIZE Electronic Target System (NOR)

- DISAG RedDot Shooting Training Systems (GER)

- ECOAIMS Optical Sport Shooting Systems (FIN)

- LASER-AMMO Shooting Training Systems (USA)

- LASER SHOT Firearms Training Simulators (USA)

- MANTIS Shooting Performance Systems (USA)

- NOPTEL Optical Training System Sport II (FIN)

- TRAINSHOT Smart Target (SVK)

and other interactive shooting training equipment and simulators.


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OSUKO Shooting is also specialized in producing entertaining and safe shooting events for private partys and company events. Events are produced by laser shooting simulators and optical shooting training devices.

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- Sport Shooter & Entrepreneur & Officer

- Chairman of the Finnish Military Shooting Team (Reg. Association) 2023-.

Antti has a 30-year long and successful career in pistol shooting. Antti has represented the Finnish Military Shooting Team (FMST) as a Pistol Competitor since 1994.

At the moment Antti's main job is still in the Finnish Defence Forces (Rank:  Major). Antti is an organizer, expert in planning and founder of OSUKO Shooting, entrepreneur.

Antti's best performances in shooting:

- Finnish Champion (FC) in Standard Pistol (2011)

- Finnish Silver medalist (FC) in Center Fire Pistol (2015)

- Finnish Bronze medalist (FC) in Center Fire Pistol (2017)

- Bronze medalist in Field Shooting in the Nordic Military Championships (1995)

- North Finland Champion (several times) in Center Fire Pistol (latest: 2020)

- Finnish Military Champion (several times) in Field Shooting and in other ISSF pistol diciplines and

- several Team medals in the C.I.S.M. Regional Championships and Tournaments (Pilsen/CZ, Thun/SUI, Salzburg/AUT) and in the Nordic Military Championships in Shooting

- place to the European Cup Final 2020 (Center Fire Pistol)

- highest number of champions after year 1995 in the history of 100 years old Finnish Officers Shooting Federation (more than 50 winnings)!

Antti's competition records:

588 p  Center Fire Pistol (.32 cal, 25 m)

580 p  Air Pistol (.177 cal, 10 m)

578 p  Military Rapid Fire (.32 cal, 25 m)

566 p  Standard Pistol (.22 cal, 25 m)

558 p  50 Meter Pistol (.22 cal, 50 m)


Antti, as a Head of OSUKO Shooting, is an excellent Point of Contact when your products need a perfect marketing and retail platform in Finland. Antti can help you also in shooting training, shooting events and indoor shooting range planning and of course - Antti helps you to choose the right equipment for shooting training and entertainment!

We can deliver items also to other countries in Europe.

OSUKO Shooting:

The most versatile

Shooting Training Systems

Dealer in Finland!

"Let us be YOUR most successful Shooting Training Systems Dealer in Finland!"

- Antti Jokinen   

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Sport Shooter




Some of Antti's medals

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